Govardhan Ecovillage, somewhere deep in the interiors of the Wada district, a good 2 hour drive from Mumbai is a treat to nature-starved eyes. Living in the city, with all its traffic jams, water problems, mosquitoes and crowded trains can get on the nerves. Not that i usually love to isolate myself in idyllic surroundings, for i am a person who is born and brought up in the city, i have sort of gotten used to the crowds and the noise pollution!

So sitting in these quiet, tranquil natural surroundings can really make you hear something which I don't usually hear or actually want to hear. And that is the Inner voice of Conscience. The gentle voice of the paramatma situated within my heart, watching and waiting patiently for me to hear him, calling out to me to turn to him. But in the city, the external sounds are too loud for me to hear this voice.

But today the voice was very loud, in fact it was deafening. The voice which I have been avoiding, lost in the external sounds and sights of this world. This deafening voice was saying, " Become sincere!" Sincere to the instruction of your guru. Sincere to the vows taken ! Sincere to the path of Krishna consciousness". The inner voice is becoming louder and louder, in the association of exalted devotees. By hearing from them this importance of chanting the Holy Name and dedication to guru's instructions strengthens this inner voice.  

Today in this holy place of Govardhan Ecovillage, I am in the beginning of this new decade of my spiritual life in this world. the last decade was went like a wave in the ocean with first rises and then falls. the wave of bhakti rose in the euphoria of my new found krishna consciousness, but then it dipped and it really dipped so low lost in the current of added responsibilities and the crazy mind's cravings. But now the wave has to rise again and it will rise again . But it is in my hands or rather the ball is in my court.

For that i need to develop sense control and discipline only then can i follow the instructions of my spiritual master. These are qualities which i lack the most. I need to learn from the example of my most beloved guru maharaj and my senior god brothers and god sisters. How disciplined they are!

I am thankful to Govardhan Ecovillage for making me more introspective. that is my new year or rather new decade resolution. I want to make this internal journey deep inside my heart, hearing the inner voice as my priority in my life. 

Going inwards, Growing Inwards is the motto of my life!

Hare Krishna,

Thank you very much.

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