It was a long day of inspirational presentations, and the first item on the agenda was a walk through a portion of the valley. I was not alone. Five other ISKCON leaders, all from the city, joined me in the tranquil experience.

Bears are now hibernating in their dens. They were very active during the late summer. Of course, this is their territory. Ravens are also not around. Rattlesnakes they are asleep at this time of year. So, there is ultimate quiet.

The walk culminated in our arrival at the goshala, the place for cows. It became a petting and feeding session for most of us, followed by sadhana, prayer, and meditations at the Bhaktivedanta Academy. That was sweet!

Breakfast followed. In our Annual General Meeting, there was participation by around forty representatives from across Canada. The presentation by Partha and Uttama, a resilient couple and members of the Grhasta Vision Team, was a highlight for me. The group is all about marriage education and counselling. Marriages, good ones, are the foundation of a good society. Since we live in a time that proves to be not-so-friendly to family values, it becomes an issue.

Overall, the idea of enhancing marriage and family living was of great interest to all. It is so pertinent, relevant.

I saw much talent and experience in the room, and was proud to have these devoted people to work with.
My commitment is not just to Canada, the United States, or other countries that I visit. Rather, it is for all people who can see the benefit of assimilating an endeavour toward higher consciousness.

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