Good chanting does not depend on our adherence to mechanical rules. It is not a matter of just doing the dos and avoiding the don’ts and then our job is done. No, not at all! Chanting is an offering of the heart – a heart filled with feelings of humility, a desire to surrender and a sincere service attitude. It is ultimately a loving call to Sri Sri Radha and Krsna. This means we need to chant with a firm understanding of our relationship with Them (sambhandha). “My Lord, I have a relationship with You. I have lost my way in the world of temporary relationships, but my real life is with You. My real home is with You. You are my eternal safety.”

To put our heart into chanting, in other words, we must feel separation from the Divine Couple. We want to be with Sri Sri Radha and Krsna again and serve Them. And we pray for that through our chanting of the holy name. But how can we feel separation if our hearts are dry? If you cannot cry for Krsna, cry to cry for Krsna. That’s all! We must understand all these things if, in due course, we wish to awaken the heart of a sincere sadhaka and then from there step toward advanced and affectionate chanting. Only affectionate chanting can lead us into deep practice and only if we find shelter in the depths of the ocean of chanting will we be saved from the disturbing waves of offenses (namaparadha) that can completely push us away from our goal.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=74688

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