The Gratitude in Rain by Bhaktimarga Swami


My walk to the shiatzu centre was a pleasant movement through the rain under an umbrella. It was a few minutes of contemplation. I find that rain often does that; heightens the pensive nature in us. As long as it’s not too long. I recall days on the marathon walks when a full eight hours was with rain and in the rain. Few motorists stop to talk. It’s just me and the rain, or rather Krishna.

That’s always the way to think of it. It’s Krishna.

Only today I contemplated on His devotee and his pureness. I’m speaking of none other than our guru, Prabhupada. What he had done for me and countless others is indescribable. Even to this day, years since he passed (Nov. 1977) he still impacts people through his publications, his temples and his devotees. He has and does change lives.

I came back from the shiatzu session feeling great, naturally. I felt even better that, when I arrived to the ashram, there was cooked asparagus waiting for me. That was done out of love by the donor, Sarthak, the cook, Dwarkanath and finally the stasher, Vallabha Hari, who knows I’m a sucker for this kind of green prasadam. Prabhupada, I thank you for prasadam.

Rain persisted throughout the day until about 7 p.m. when it was time for our evening stairway kirtan.

Miracles! That’s what we have to look for, sniff out for and seek out. We will find it.


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