The Grateful Taste the Lord's Sweet Love

The basic problem plaguing and torturing the modern human society is that we lack gratitude. We do not know how to live gratefully. We do not feel duty bound to reciprocate with the unlimited kindness that Krishna or God is giving us at every minute. We have no qualms about taking as much sense gratification as want. But when it comes to giving back to that Supreme Person, who is supplying us everything, we either enviously deny His existence or pester Him with our material desires. Thus we live miserly lives of ingratitude. Note the connection between the word "miser" and the word "miserable." It's our free choice to either live gratefully or ungratefully. The miserable ingrates have no one to blame except themselves. Those who live gratefully taste the Lord's sweet loving affection at every moment. 

Sankarshan Das Adhikari


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