Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

About ten years ago I made a PowerPoint presentation on cow protection. In the meantime, I have got many more insights into the matter. Therefore, I have considerably upgraded and enriched my previous work.

I have spent A LOT of time to research the internet and various books dealing with the topic. This presentation targets a wide audience to achieve various purposes:

1) to develop an awareness of spiritual and material importance of the cow for the whole of humanity,

2) to significantly reduce cruelty on animals (especially cows) in the world,

3) to educate people about harmful health consequences related to industrial dairy and meat-eating diet,

4) to educate people about the dire consequences of industrial cow husbandry on bio-ecological systems of our planet and world economy,

5) to inspire people to become vegetarians,

6) to point out the importance and values of ISKCON’s spiritual and traditional heritage in relation to cow protection, thus recognising ISKCON as one of the leading organisations that can bring about significant positive changes in human society.

While viewing this presentation (in pdf format) you will inevitably come to the conclusion that I have run into a conflicting situation while glorifying the importance of raw milk and cruelty-free dairy products on one side, and indicating the values of the vegan diet on the other side. At the very end of the presentation, I recommended the viewers to watch three brilliant documentary movies (‘What you eat – matters’, ‘Forks over knives’ and ‘The game changers’); the reason being that they provide extremely convincing and scientific evidence of natural values of a meat-free diet, and expose all the harms lurking in the animal protein-based diet. However, the movies are based on vegan-based viewpoint, lacking information on the vast difference between industrially produced dairy products and cruelty-free (lovingly and spiritually) produced dairy products. In spite of lacking such information, I strongly recommend these three movies as I consider much more beneficial that the meat-eating people become vegans, rather than remaining meat-eaters.

I am well aware that my presentation (140 slides) “The global importance of cow protection” is not perfect, but still, I consider it one of the best presentations on cow protection that ISKCON-affiliated people have ever made. Please find the presentation in the attached file. Should you have any suggestions I will take them into consideration and make necessary amendments where needed.

*Also, at the end of the presentation I can advertise your cow protection project.* Thus, you would be able to use this presentation for your online advertisement, public slide-show preaching or simply as an informative PDF booklet that can easily be shared via social networks. If you are happy with the presentation as it is now, please feel free to make it downloadable from your website.

If you want me to add your advertisement, please send me one or two slides (in ppt format), so I can insert them into the presentation. Alternatively, let me know what information you want me to appear in your advertisement.

*I am not asking for any financial reward for my service.* My reward it the fact that the word (Srila Prabhupada’s teachings on cow protection) will spread around.

I am offering this project to our beloved Srila Prabhupada who taught us all the values and benefits of Vedic cow protection and its spiritual significance.

This presentation has been made by the blessings of my spiritual master HH. Smita-Krishna Swami.

Your servant, Vrisabha das vpd108@gmail.com


Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=84637

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