The Festival of Rains by Achyut Gopal Das

Thus observing the beauty and opulence of Vrindavana's rainy season, a perennial source of great happiness, Lord Krishna offered all respect to that season, which was expanded from His own internal potency." - Srimad Bhagvatam 10.20.31

Every season and every time is a wonderful opportunity to meditate on the Lord and engage in His devotional service. But, rainy season is all the more special. With the summer gone and the rains come, a sense of newness and freshness comes in life. The weather is perfect for our Bhajan - cool and pleasant. Mother Nature is at her best with fresh green grass and fresh leaves. She is nourished and refreshed by the rains, encouraging us to nourish and refresh ourselves through the nectar shower of the Holynames. The external environment is now clean, bathed by the continuous rains signaling us to summon the clouds of Lord's mercy to rain in the landscape of our heart and thereby clean it.

The traveling preachers, saints and devotees of Vedic times, would take a break from their traveling during the rainy season and stay put in one place and absorb themselves in their Sadhana. They would make the best use of this special and festive season to deepen their connection with God and experience an internal festival of chanting and hearing the glories of the Lord. Just as a peacock which is very dear to Krishna becomes enlivened and welcomes the rains, a devotee of Krishna becomes enlivened and welcomes the rainy season as an opportunity to welcome the God of rains, Krishna in his heart and life.
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