The Effect of Making Friends

By His Grace Svavasa Dasa

In the Los Angeles yatra we had a plan which started about ten years ago where we were going to just develop friends. We are not so much concerned with people giving donations, but our focus is on making friends. In the last ten years that program has really fructified. We’ve made many friends, and many of these devotees have taken initiation.The congregational members are absolutely necessary for so many projects that we do in the temple, for instance, festivals. Without the congregation, our festival program would decrease considerably. In other words, every major festival that New Dwaraka has, they finance. Not only do they finance it, but they also participate with their time, effort and energy.

We find that the congregation members have their own programs in their own homes, and not only on the weekends. They hold classes on Caitanyacaritamrta and Bhagavad-gita. They bring their friends and the program has expanded to where we have several homes where they have several different types of classes once, twice and sometimes three times a month.

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