A man of experience—meaning middle-aged—and dressed very finely, spotted me on the park bench where I was alone chanting on my beads. He came toward me, stopped at a healthy distance and asked, “So you a man of faith; what do you make of all of this?“
“You mean corona?“
“It’s an opportunity to slow down our pace, enjoy more of the quiet, enhance our gratitude for what we have, become introspective and hold onto our patience.“

The gentleman smiled approvingly. He mentioned that he’d share the message as well as the picture he took of me. I expressed that I appreciated his stopping to talk.

There was a second person who approached me while on his bike. A cute kid—all excited. He halted and said, “The playground’s closed. They’ve got it all taped up.“
The seven-year old (my guess) was followed by his dad who seemed okay his son was in parlance with a monk.

“You stay safe now.“
“I will,“ said the child with innocence in his full demeanour.

I met him again minutes later. “I guess you really miss not being in the playground? I asked.

“Yeah, but there’s only one swing that’s free.“

“So you’re going to go for it?“
“It’s still forbidden.“ And he spun off.

I think one day soon the earth will close down.
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