The Divine Encounter

For your personal advancement I would like to suggest a powerful meditation with which you can establish a conscious connection with Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.
In this world there are many things that divert us from our relationship with God – things that focus us on other relationships with other people, our job, society, our dreams, etc. All these relationships are like smoke; one day they will simply float away into the air. At that time we will be left with the only one, eternal relationship. We may even know this now, but our worldly relationships continue to demand our time and attention, and we often allow them to take up almost all of our energy.

So here is a powerful meditation to help you connect with the Divine Couple:

When you can be undisturbed for a little while, sit somewhere comfortably and imagine you are completely alone. Let everything around you slowly and gently disappear. Your relationship with what is going on in your life – let it slip away. Your relationships with your relatives – let them go as well. Job, important responsibilities, future desires – all gone.

You are now absolutely alone. There is no one and nothing in your environment. It is as if you have been given anesthesia – a state that induces you to forget everything about your life, including who you think you are. Or imagine you are alone in the midst of a forest or desert or out on the ocean, with no memories of your life or yourself. Best if you can picture yourself sitting in a holy place, where you can feel absolutely safe and spiritually linked.

Become aware that in your truest being you are really an eternal spiritual soul, an eternal servant of Radha and Krishna. It is only due to some misfortune that you have been absent from that relationship and instead have been wandering in the cycle of birth and death, helplessly identifying with one material body after another.

But your fortune has turned. You have finally met a spiritual master and learned about your real identity as a pure spirit soul, a resident of the kingdom of love, completely separate from the gross and subtle body. You have been inspired to take up the path of eternal loving service to Their Lordships Radha and Krishna.

Now think that there is only Radha and Krishna. No one else. You now have the opportunity to speak to Them – to chant, offer puja, pray to Them, reveal your heart in confidence. Choose any other expression to which you feel drawn. Wrap yourself up in this one relationship and feel bhakti rise in your heart.

You can end your meeting with the Divine Couple with five simple affirmations from an ancient Vedic text:

I surrender to You Sri Sri Radha Krishna.
Whatever is mine is in truth Your property.
Everything is for Your sake.
Everything is for Your enjoyment.
Nothing is meant for my enjoyment.
(Sanat-Kumara Samhita (text 83))

Pay your obeisances in your mind and take your leave.

You are ready to reenter your life in this world. Gradually, as required, take on the responsibilities and social roles that are waiting for you. Each time you do this meditation you will see how you return with new perspectives and plenty of additional spiritual strength for everyday situations. More than anything, this meditation will clarify for you where you stand in your relationship with Radha and Krishna; it will act as a powerful inspiration to improve whatever needs improving. Most of all, the meditation will help transform your daily life and make it very spiritual. You might even find that your so-called problems disappear. Please try it. It works.

P.S. If you like you can use the following picture for your meditation:

The Arati of Radha and Krishna
(Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Gitavali)

All glories to the meeting of the divine young couple, Sri Sri Radha-Krsna.
The gopis, headed by Sri Lalita, perform the arati ceremony for Their Lordships.

The three-fold bending form of Krsna attracts even the mind of Cupid.
He is dressed in yellow silk garments, and His enchanting crown is decorated with peacock feathers.

On the left of charming Lord Madhava, Sri Radha, the daughter of Vrsabhanu, is seated.
She is dressed in blue garments. Her beauty and qualities are simply glorious.

She is decorated with various brightly shining ornaments.
Her charming bright face attracts the mind of Lord Hari.

The gopis, headed by Visakha, sing the glories of Their Lordships in various tunes,
as the priya narma gopis offer Them camaras.

With a desire to attain the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava,
Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura floats on waves of ecstasy at the lotus feet of the gopis.
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  • Hari BOl..
    prabhujee u have given us an effective way to break out of these ephemeral associations..
  • really its very good. This post really goes to deep in mind. I am very thanks to you coz this post gives me a great thought to achieve path in service of Lord Krishna.
    Hari Bol!
  • Hare Krishna.Dandavat Pranam.It is wonderful and you have given neccesary details.Haribol.
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