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The dictionaries referred by Prabhupada



  1. Nirukti, or the Vedic dictionary 
  2.  Viśvakośa dictionary
  3. Viśva-prakāśa dictionary
  4. Amarakośa Sanskrit dictionary (the most authorized)
  5. Kaumudī dictionary
  6. Viśva-prakāśa Sanskrit dictionary
  7. Śabda-kośa dictionary
  8. Medinī dictionary
  9. Professor Apte’s Dictionary
  10. Greek dictionary
  11. vaiṣṇava-smṛti a dictionary of Vaiṣṇava activities
  12. Dictionary known as Vaiṣṇava-mañjuṣā.
  13. Dictionary compiler Hemacandra, also known as Koṣakāra
  14. Mahattamānām abhidhāna also means dictionary of great devotees, or a book full of the words of great devotees devotees
  15. English dictionary
  16. Oxford Dictionary


Prabhupada Quote:

So this is called śāstra. Śāstra means you can consult. Just like you consult dictionary, you consult encyclopedia, you consult so many authoritative books for understanding knowledge, similarly, if you consult, you get all information

The small pocket dictionary is also dictionary, and the international dictionary, (sic?) Webs, that is also dictionary. So both of them are dictionary, but they are not equal. One dictionary is meant for children and one dictionary is meant for the higher scholars. So although are dictionaries, they are two kinds of dictionaries.

The name, form, attributes and paraphernalia of the Lord cannot be ascertained through a material dictionary.



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