The dangers of hearing Mayavada

The dangers of hearing MayavadaPosted on October 24, 2011Filed under BVKS SangaAntya 2.96maha-bhagavata yei, krsna prana-dhana yaramayavada-sravane citta avasya phire tanra?TRANSLATION?The Mayavada philosophy presents such a jugglery of words that even ahighly elevated devotee who has accepted Krsna as his life and soulchanges his decision when he reads the Mayavada commentary on theVedanta-sutra.?Antya 2.97acarya kahe,??ama sabara krsna-nistha-citteama sabara mana bhasya nare phiraite?TRANSLATIONIn spite of Svarupa D?modara?s protest, Bhagavan Acarya continued, ?Weare all fixed at the lotus feet of Krsna with our hearts and souls.Therefore the Sariraka-bhasya cannot change our minds.?Antya 2.98svarupa kahe, ?tathapi mayavada-sravane?cit, brahma, maya, mithy?ei-matra suneTRANSLATIONSvarupa Damodara replied, ?Nevertheless, when we hear the Mayavadaphilosophy, we hear that Brahman is knowledge and that the universe ofmaya is false, but we gain no spiritual understanding.Antya 2.99jivajnana-kalpita isvare, sakala-i ajnanayahara sravane bhaktera phate mana prana?TRANSLATION?The Mayavadi philosopher tries to establish that the living entity isonly imaginary and that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is underthe influence of maya. Hearing this kind of commentary breaks theheart and life of a devotee.?PURPORTSrila Svarupa Damodara Gosvami wanted to impress upon Bhagavan Acaryathat even though someone firmly fixed in devotion to Krsna?s servicemight not be deviated by hearing the Mayavada bhasya, that bhasya isnevertheless full of impersonal words and ideas?such as Brahman?whichrepresent knowledge but which are impersonal. The Mayavadis say thatthe world created by maya is false and that actually there is noliving entity but only one spiritual effulgence. They further say thatGod is imaginary, that people think of God only because of ignorance,and that when the Supreme Absolute Truth is befooled by the externalenergy, maya, He becomes a jiva, or living entity. Upon hearing allthese nonsensical ideas from the nondevotee, a devotee is greatlyafflicted, as if his heart and soul were broken.——————————————————–To unsubscribe from this mailing list, send an email
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