I rarely see residents coming or going from their condos across from the castle called Casa Loma but one man did peep out of his stately place and noticed Nimai and I walking.  It was a gray-haired out-going fellow, a Jewish doctor with roots from Hungary.  He was curious.
“You’re Hare Krishna!  I don’t know too much about it.  You live there on Avenue Road?  Really, you live there?”  The conversation went on for quite the while and we left our new friend with an invitation when it’s all over. “Come to our temple and see the restaurant when Covid-19 is under control.”
There is something else for people to consider during this lockdown time when there just might be time for reading.  Apart from dreaming about visiting a place of worship and meditation and a great restaurant in the meantime let’s look at the Vedas, an ancient wisdom from the east.  There is something called the “Bhagavatam” a veritable encyclopedia on self-realization that voices reality from illusion.  It’s so beneficial.
Those of us monks who live in the ashram are crazy about this book.  We spend an hour discussing the science of the self with one person taking the lead.  I will be broadcasting classes on the Bhagavatam three or four times a week.  I will inform you of those days once we decide and also the actual time in the morning for this.  The book has 12 sections and currently our monks are looking at the 10th section.
The set of Bhagavatams are available for purchase at a reduced rate.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2020/04/saturday-april-26-2020.html
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