The Awakening

All glories to Radha Kunjabihari !  All glories to Srila Prabhupada !! All glories to all Guru and Gauranga !!!


This is one of the story, which my father had narrated me in my childhood, but only after coming to ISKCON, I realized the meaning of the story.


Raghu at early dawn, as usual headed towards his boat at the bank of the river.  It was the early morning of spring and the skies were clear also the weather was pleasant . He wanted to reach his boat before anyone could reach there, as his boat was the only means to get the other side of the river.  He never kept any passengers waiting at the early hours of the day,


The road towards the river was pitching dark but it was the daily routine for Raghu to find his way, suddenly he stumbled on something hard on his way.  He picked up to see what had hit his foot, it was a small cloth bag tied at the opening and had something like pebbles filled in it.  At first he thought, some children might be playing in the sand on the shore and after playing they might have left the useless bag.


Now, Raghu was near his boat and was pleased that he was the first to reach there; as he was waiting there for quite some time for the passengers, he was restless as no one turned up, he then opened the bag and threw a stone from the bag in the river.  After sometime he again threw a stone into the river, in this way he had thrown much of the contents from the bag into the river. 


Time waits for no one; the skies were getting brighter - getting ready for the sunrise.  Later, Raghu picked up another stone and as he was about to throw the same into the river it occurred to him that the stone was shining.  He was amazed to see the precious stone in his hand; he immediately emptied the bag on the sand and was spell bound as there were few such stones shining gloriously in the golden sunrays. The morning sun now, was shining brightly in his own glory, Raghu did not know what to do, tears rolled down his eyes as he felt helpless and at the same time he was cursing himself and his fate for ignorantly losing those precious gems. 


Hari bol !!!


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