The appearance of Sri Govardhana in Vraja

The appearance of Sri Govardhana in Vraja

According to Adi-varah Purana, during the advent of Sri Ramacandra, monkeys and bears all brought large rocks and stones from many places to construct a bridge across the ocean. Hanuman also received the order from Sri Ramacandra to help build the bridge. Hanuman uprooted Govardhana from Uttarancala, but while carrying him to the ocean he heard a divine sound that announced, "The ocean bridge is now complete. No more rocks are required."

Hearing this, Hanuman became some sad and put down Sri Giriraja, where he stands today. Giriraja also became unhappy and said to Hanuman, "You have deprived me of the touch of Sri Rama's lotus feet. I will curse you."

"Please forgive me," Hanuman replied. "In the next Dvaparayuga, your desire will be fulfilled. At that time, the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna will stop the worship of Indra and worship you instead. Angered, Indra will try to destroy Vraja by unleashing his thunderbolt and by sending torrential rains. At this time, Sri Krsna will hold you on His hand to protect Vraja. In this way, He will fulfill your desire." Upon saying this, Hanuman leapt into the air and arrived at Sri Ramacandra's side by the aerial pathways.

After narrating the whole incident to Him, Sri Ramacandra said, "All the rocks that have been assembled to build the bridge have been delivered by the touch of My feet. But I shall fulfill the desires of Govardhana by holding him on My hand and touching Him with My whole body. At the close of Dvapara-yuga, I shall take birth in the dynasty of Yadus and make Govardhana famous as the best servant of Hari by herding the cows with My sakhas on his slopes and by enjoying with My beloved gopis in his kunjas." This is how Sri Govardhana appeared in Vraja.
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  • great information
  • Radhe Radhe maataji ............divine knowledge i must say that you are only the source of all knowledge of transcendental pastime of Sri Sri Radhekrishna ji ...............and all other important knowledge...........
  • Thanks for such a nice post!!

    Yes it is true that all divine things on earth will slowly diminish as the kalyug progresses!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hare Krishna-Thanks for the nice post.I had also read another story of the appearance of Giriraj Govardhana as follows:

    Pulastya Rishi bringing Govardhana to Vraja

    The Garga-samhita relates the following history of the appearance of Govardhana in Vraja in another age:

    Once, in the course of his wanderings, Pulastya Rishi reached Dronäcala Hill. The son of Dronäcala, Govardhana, was very beautiful, fragrant, smooth, and full of luxuriant, green trees and creepers. Pulastya Rishi desired to bring this Govardhana to his place of residence, Käsi, because there was no such hill there on which he could peacefully perform his sädhana-bhajana. He asked Dronäcala to give his son Govardhana to him for this purpose. Dronäcala could not refuse, as he feared being cursed. Govardhana agreed to go, on the condition that if Pulastya put him down somewhere along the way, he would remain there and not move again. The sage accepted his condition, and by mystic power kept Govardhana on his palm as he proceeded to Käsi.

    As they reached Vraja, thoughts of Shri Krishna’s future pastimes entered Govardhana’s mind. Govardhana became so heavy that the sage could no longer carry him and was forced to put him down right there. After the sage bathed, chanted his regular mantras, sung his prayers, ate and rested, he tried to lift Govardhana again, but remaining true to his word, Giriräja refused to move. With all his strength the sage tried to lift Govardhana, but could not do so. Finally, he angrily cursed Govardhana, saying, “You will diminish in size by one sesame seed daily.” Govardhana happily accepted this curse, because he knew about the coming descent of the Supreme Lord Krishna. “Syämasundara will perform various pastimes on me, and I shall be blessed,” he thought.

    Giriräja does, in fact, diminish in size every day, but who can say whether this is due to the sage’s curse or due to Giriräja’s feelings of separation from Shri Krishna?
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