the abode of my beloved

the Abode of my beloved is one which is supreme, 

which is peaceful, lovely, transcendental, 

where there is no pain, no pleasure, no hatred, no vices, no loneliness, no age, no agelessness, no day, no night,

neither is there heat not is there cold,

no friends not foes, 

no nothing, no everything,

the abode of my beloved is transcendental, 

it is bliss itself, it has no flowers, it has fragrance, it has no sugar, it has all sweetness,

it has no me, neither is there a you,

the abode of my beloved is where i am in, singing to him, dancing to him,

in there, there is no sadness, no customs, no rituals, no principles, no scriptures, no traditions 

there is no peace, it is peace itself, there is no man, it is manliness, it has no boundaries, it is a home on the mountains

it has the light of a thousand suns, beauty of a million moons, brilliance of a thousand universes, love of a thousand lovers

i shall live there with Him, i shall threspass any customs, any traditions

for is shall live there a serve Him, 

as i serve Him, there is no master and no servant

there is only a relationship, a sense of belonging, a sense of loving

that is the abode of the Supreme, it is melody itself, it is love

that is the abode of my Supreme, the abode of Giridhara Murari, 

that is Vaikuntha

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