The 16 Names of Shri Radha

The 16 Names of Shri Radha
by Lord Narayana in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Shri Krishna Janm Khanda 17.220-240:

Radha - She who is the bestower of ultimate divine bliss.
Rasesvari - She Who is the Goddess of the rasa dance.
Rasa-Vasini - She Who always lives with the rasa dance.
Rasikesvari - She Who is the Goddess of those who relish divine mellows.
Krsna-Pranadhika - She Who is dearer to Krishna than His own life.
Krsna-Priya - She Who is Krishna's most dearly beloved companion.
Krsna-Svarupini - She Whose form resembles Krishna in so many ways.
Krsna-Vamanga-sambhuta - She Who is generated from Krishna left side.
Paramananda Rupini - She Who is the personification of supreme ecstasy.
Krsna - She Who bestows the best form of supreme liberation.
Vrindavani - She Who lives in Vrindavana.
Vrinda - She Who always lives in the company of Her girlfriends.
Vrindavana-Vinodini - She Who enjoys many pleasures in Vrindavana.
Chandravali - She Whose form has many moons.
Chandra-Kamta - She Whose effulgence is like the moon.
Sarac-chandra-Prabhanana - She Whose face glows like the full moon of August.
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  • Radhe Radhe
  • Radhe Radhe.
  • Nice one. Beautiful picture.. This i believe is Srimati Radharani presiding at SRI sri Radhakunjbihari Temple , iskcon Pune.
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  • You are such a wonderful devotee.
    Please bless me so that even i develop some devotional attitude.
  • It is really nice because this could only come from true devotee of Radha Raniji it so wondeful. Hare Krishna
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