By Atma Tattva Das

ISKCON’s Ministry for Cow Protection and Agriculture will be holding its next “Taking Care of Krishna’s Cows” course beginning July 15th, 2024. Kalakantha Das, its global minister, emphasized the importance of this course, stating, “The goal is to standardize cow protection practices in ISKCON and provide guidance to our goshalas. This training will also serve as a valuable resource for new devotees interested in this activity.”

The course, which spans six weeks with bi-weekly classes, will feature experienced teachers from various ISKCON farms, such as Gitanagari, Bhaktivedanta Manor, New Vrajadham in Hungary, Mayapur, Vrindavan, and Malaysia. These educators will share their knowledge on cow protection and cover practical aspects necessary for ethically managing a herd of protected cows, oxen, and bulls within an ecologically sound, regenerative farm environment.

This course is part of ISKCON’s broader Feed the Earth Education Project. This innovative platform embodies Srila Prabhupada’s motto of “simple living and high thinking.” The project focuses on pure food production through regenerative agriculture and cow protection, fostering a spiritually focused community.

Read more: https://iskconnews.org/taking-care-of-krishnas-cows-course-open-for-registration/

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