Swans, Stars and Shakespeare

By Bhaktimarga Swami
It was an opportunity for one of those Tuesday excursions, when Jay had a day off and he could be the driver and companion for Connor and I.  Today's mission was to visit the Patels in Stratford, in their recently secured "Festival Inn" and then venture through some of the downtown shops of Victorian grandeur.  Maybe we could sneak by the Festival Theatre where Shakespearean dramas have entertained audiences since 1953, situated along the Avon River.
At one street corner we met Virginia, a local theatre and, also, meditation enthusiast.  She's been to our Krishna temple in Toronto numerous times, and I presented her with my offer to bring kirtanto town, not in one of the major live theatre halls, but for starters, in a more quaint setting somewhere.  Let's see what happens.
When you come to this town—which is, by the way, the home of Justin Bieber, for whatever that’s worth—you feel theatre in the air.  You even catch a sensation of England, Shakespeare in the homeland atmosphere. Swans inhabit the river and smoothly ply along.
In many ways I should be idolizing William Shakespeare for being that model playwright, since I've written a number of plays, but of course, not on a level or anywhere near the level of our master. Speaking about stars, though there has been, historically, a line-up of theatre greats on the stage here, the likes of Sir Alec Guinness, Dame Maggie Smith, Christopher Plummer, Kenneth Welsh, William Shatner, Lorne Green, Julie Harris and more.
We visitors to town took that short but sweet stroll along the Avon and took a break at a bust of William himself.
May the Source be with you!

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