9978057900?profile=RESIZE_400xWhen we first met Srila Prabhupada and we told him we were artists, he immediately decided to engage us in making some paintings.
The first painting that he engaged us in was a four-foot by four-foot painting of Radha-Krishna that was to be hung in the San Francisco temple.
I had no idea what Radha-Krishna looked like so Prabhupada handed us his book cover to copy.
In the course of painting, I couldn’t tell what color Krishna’s eyes were since the picture I was copying from was too small.
In those days it was very common to go and ask Swamiji questions.
We could see him at almost any time of the day except during his nap, and so I went up and asked him, “Swamiji, what color are Krishna’s eyes?”
Prabhupada got this very deep, meditative look on his face, as if he were looking far away, as if he were looking at Krishna.
Then he said, “They are blackish.”
I remembered Jadurani had a similar experience where she also asked Prabhupada a question about a certain feature of Krishna and he looked away as if he were looking at the form of the Lord.

Source: https://dandavats.tumblr.com/post/672349568553369600/swamiji-what-color-are-krishnas-eyes-govinda

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