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Surrender to Krishna

Surrender to Krishna - Bhaktivinoda Thakura

1. Mind, body, and family, whatever may be mine, I have surrendered at Your lotus feet, O youthful son of Nanda!

2. In good fortune or in bad, in life or at death, all my difficulties have disappeared by choosing those feet of Yours as my only shelter.

3. Slay me or protect me as You wish, for You are the master of Your eternal servant.

4. If it is Your will that I be born again, then may it be in the home of Your devotee.

5. May I be born again even as a worm, so long as I may remain Your devotee. I have no desire to be born as a Brahma averse to You.

6. I yearn for the company of that devotee who is completely devoid of all desire for worldly enjoyment or liberation.

7. Father, mother, lover, son, Lord, preceptor, and husband; You are everything to me.

8. Thakura Bhaktivinoda says, "O Krsna, please hear me! O Lord of Radha, You are my life and soul!"
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