Surrender Now by Bhaktimarga Swami


Prahlad’s story is described in the 7th Canto of the book, Bhagavatam. He reveals, through the text, his high level of realizations and pandit-ism. With our morning discussion at the Bhakta Prahlad Montessori School in Russell, we delved into the topic of Prahlad’s feeling for others; especially for those who have been unable to channel bhakti through their lives. So being a scholar is one thing, but you also have to have a heart at the same time. True saints are perceptive; they see the world for what it is – a place of suffering – but they also would like to see a healing take place. Those of us in the discussion want to model ourselves after his example. Deep down we really do. Each of us want that kind of success, if I could speak on everyone’s behalf.

My second discussion-lead for the day was at the Iskcon Ottawa Centre. I believe the count was about twenty-five people inside, while others were waiting outside the door. All those inside were masked and following protocol. The talk was rather a follow-up from the morning. Knowing that we must apply wisdom with heart, it then becomes apparent that one should be serious and take the first step of surrender. We brought up statements of an affirmative nature such as Krishna’s words, “Armed with yoga, stand and fight!” Referring back to “Just Do It.” A notion needs to be an action.

The message was “Let’s do what we need to do NOW! Why procrastinate?”


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