Super Special Day by Bhaktimarga Swami

9857372696?profile=RESIZE_584xThere is an expected rule for covid restrictions and therefore we have limited attendance for our extended festival of Govardhan, here in the province of New Brunswick. Nevertheless, those who came to the location, the home of Kadamba Priya, had a sweet time. Now, today, Sunday, November 7, we take on dutifully an event to honour our world teacher, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who passed away in 1977. It is an anniversary celebration today and we will remember him, sadly but gloriously, for the great contribution he has made.

What did he do for the world and, to better express it, what does he continue to do for humankind? The gifts he has offered us may be too many to list but let us begin with saying that he turned people’s lives around for the better. It begins with his making clear our true identity. We are spirits – servants to the world. We are not these bodies. We are the engine; the heart of the machine (the body).

Our priority is this: to come to terms with our actual nature in taking care of the needs of others and that of our maker, Krishna. There is the need to rekindle our connection with God. To do that we take measures to remove obstacles that stand in the way of achieving that ignored relationship.

Prabhupada insisted that we reconnect, that we love again, and what helps is looking at lowering bad habits. Clear-mindedness and challenging the mental clutter is a way forward. We live in a confused world with misdirection and imbalance being the norm. What he has left us is his good guidance through his books, letters, and conversations. Take advantage of that compassion. Make a commitment today to make needed personal improvements and better the world.


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