Sunday Outdoors by Bhaktimarga Swami

8053956094?profile=RESIZE_400xOur drama crew executed a meaningful practice, for our upcoming production, in the park. Two filmmakers also came so we could explore theater-by-camera. The pandemic is forcing innovation so we are discussing the settings, locations, camera angles and so forth.

Dhruva migrated from India and Michaella came from Croatia and it looks like they will work together. Dhruva is young and shows some resilience with his sockless, flip-flop shoes but Michaella’s remark was, “You make me cold looking at you.”

With weather that is not so forgiving, at 10°C, you can hardly call this “Indian summer” weather—warm in the day and cool at night. Is it politically correct to use that term anymore?

Two families followed me, during the mid-afternoon, to Queen’s Park by the way of meandering through nooks and alleyways. “Insulin was invented by Dr. Banting, here at the UOT, 99 years ago,” I mentioned to Ritesh, a chemist. That was interesting to him. Apparently all 10 dogs died during the experimentation. That would be bad news for dog lovers to hear, who are strolling along in the park, and along a trail called “Philosophers Walk,” with their pets.

Nimai and Ritesh’s families were with me, enjoying the sun, wind, buildings, people, dogs and God. Indeed, we spoke of Krishna and about chanting over the course of our walk.


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