Stuff Along The Way by Bhaktimarga Swami


Uday and I agreed to meet at Yonge and Bloor for the subway train to head west for a live Gita class session. And on my way for the 5 o'clock juncture, a Palestinian man walked next to me. "What are you?" he asked.

"A monk with Krishna."

"Are you Indian? You dress like one, but you are white."

"I thought I was beige. My parents are from the Netherlands. Mom looks Dutch. Dad's got some Italian in him, so I speculate. And what are you?"

"I come from the land stolen by a thief. The name starts with an 'I'."


"That's right," he said. Then he went on about the history of the land that was stolen, etc., and spoke of the concept of truth.

"Have you ever thought that if we all identified less with the body and more with the soul we could all enjoy equality on a higher level?"

At that moment I spotted Uday and we headed for the train to Kipling, then walked to Dundas St. into the depth of Mississauga. The walk was great. A gas station was a rest point. We went for a bio break there when I met a man from Hyderabad at the other other end of the counter. Oh, he was excited and wanted our picture taken together. Uday and I went onward.

You know, people are pretty happy on Friday. You just say to them, "Have a good weekend! Haribol!" and they respond happily. Pedestrians are fewer in the 'burbs, but when you meet one, it's precious. A Jamaican gave a fist bump and talked about Bob Marley, monkism, and a cigarette habit he's trying to kick. "Only on weekends do I smoke." I suggested he cut down his weekend, to shrink it somehow. He liked that and gave another fist bump.

Finally, Pusta Krishna picked us up and a group enjoyed chatting about 2.7 from the Gita.


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