Students as future leaders

As students you can use all your gifts for the ultimate welfare of the human society and in the service of God. Always remain in the mood of a humble person. Always recognize that whatever knowledge or abilities you have, they are by the grace of God. We may work hard to develop them, but without God’s grace, we have nothing to develop. God gives everyone a potential, and it is our free will how we’re going to utilize that potential and for whom.

You should do your studies as best as you can with the intention that, ‘The more I learn while I’m here, the more I can use it for the rest of my life in the service of God.’  But then be true to your word and use it for the service of God.  Be a leader within society and show by your behavior, by your example, how to love God. What the leaders do, the common people will follow. God chooses the best, most talented persons to lead the humanity on the path of devotion. Lead people toward the real goal of life.



- By H. H. Radhanath Swami 

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