Strides of Shanti by Bhaktimarga Swami


It was really good to get out of the city. Actually, it was liberating to get in between the two cities, Toronto and Ottawa, because twixt the two population densities lies the country side; rolling hills, barns, blue skies, etc.

I asked our driver, Mahadeva, as we sailed along on serene Highway 7, “Do you think we could take a break, stop and hit that trail?” I was implying that I get some physio in and walk a stretch of that 22,000-kilometre trail known as “The Great Trail.” And so Mahadeva, partner Anna Purna, and I made a stretch on this appealing trail edged by cedars and swamp, visited by red-winged black birds and set under the most friendly sky.

Since my knee operation four weeks ago, I hadn’t walked with such guts, in relative speed and distance. This is Lanark County, but we felt we were in Oz, down a yellow brick road. Magical moments. The sun was first on our back, and then with an about-face he was on our face.

We were feeling Krishna on our back and on our front. Pacing like this in such a superb environment is the best therapy. I would say it would have been a cardinal sin had we not gone for those strides of shanti, peace.

Anyway, it was time to end the beautiful spell, get on board the van and head for the nation’s capital, only to then be greeted by loving, cheering devotees at 212 Somerset East.


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