Story of Lord Krishna

Story of Lord Krishna - SRIMAD BHAGAVATA by Krsna-Dwaipayana Vyasa

The Killing of the Demon Bakasura

1. One day all the boys, including Krsna and Balarama, each boy taking his own group of calves, brought the calves to a reservoir of water, desiring to allow them to drink. After the animals drank water, the boys drank water there also.

2. Right by the reservoir, the boys saw a gigantic body resembling a mountain peak broken and struck down by a thunderbolt. They were afraid even to see such a huge living being.

3. That great-bodied demon was named Bakasura. He had assumed the body of a duck with a very sharp beak. Having come there, he immediately swallowed Krsna.

4. When Balarama and the other boys saw that Krsna had been devoured by the gigantic duck, they became almost unconscious, like senses without life.

5. Krsna, who was the father of Lord Brahma but who was acting as the son of a cowherd man, became like fire, burning the root of the demon's throat, and the demon Bakasura immediately disgorged Him. When the demon saw that Krsna, although having been swallowed, was unharmed, he immediately attacked Krsna again with his sharp beak.

6. When Krsna, the leader of the Vaisnavas, saw that the demon Bakasura, the friend of Kamsa, was endeavoring to attack Him, with His arms He captured the demon by the two halves of the beak, and in the presence of all the cowherd boys Krsna very easily bifurcated Him, as a child splits a blade of virana grass. By thus killing the demon, Krsna very much pleased the denizens of heaven.

7. At that time, the celestial denizens of the higher planetary system showered mallika-puspa, flowers grown in Nandana-kanana, upon Krsna, the enemy of Bakasura. They also congratulated Him by sounding celestial kettledrums and conchshells and by offering prayers. Seeing this, the cowherd boys were struck with wonder.

8. Just as the senses are pacified when consciousness and life return, so when Krsna was freed from this danger, all the boys, including Balarama, thought that their life had been restored. They embraced Krsna in good consciousness, and then they collected their own calves and returned to Vrajabhumi, where they declared the incident loudly.

9. When the cowherd men and women heard about the killing of Bakasura in the forest, they were very much astonished. Upon seeing Krsna and hearing the story, they received Krsna very eagerly, thinking that Krsna and the other boys had returned from the mouth of death. Thus they looked upon Krsna and the boys with silent eyes, not wanting to turn their eyes aside now that the boys were safe.

10. In this way Krsna and Balarama passed Their childhood age in Vrajabhumi by engaging in activities of childish play, such as playing hide-and-seek, constructing a make-believe bridge on the ocean, and jumping here and there like monkeys.

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  • it is wonderful story ...jaya Lord Krsna and Balaram ...
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