Prayojanamanoddiśya mandopi na pravartate (even idiot does not act without purpose)

Mentally retarded fool sees the action he performs to have complete sense, though the sane people consider them as abnormal.

As we can witness at the present time, unfortunately, the mentality and motives of leaders and scientists drastically succumb to lower modes. What was unthinkable just a decade ago is nowadays propagated and sanctioned as a normal course of action, thus creating idiocratic society based on whimsical purposes of demented fools. The dementia has its root-origin in slyly defying the all-encompassing authority of God. Henceforth unveils all the pandemonium of hellish suffering for one and all. As in the case of any governance, if the law is breached punishment follows. Why would it be otherwise for the governance of the world? Only idiot thinks otherwise. Sane person can comprehend the present situation as not savvy and tries to reflect on viable solutions presented by authorities empowered by the Lord and His scriptures.

All the actions performed by the sane (amandāḥ), insane (mandāḥ) or by those not in material consciousness, are all done (pravartate) with the aim (uddiśya) to fulfill some goal (prayojana), no exception, thus for each group it seems completely normal, whatever they do. What makes the difference? “Then anybody can do anything.” could one argue, or "There is no standard for bad or good action.". No! Only those on the transcendental platform know that the difference lies in the result each get. Insane mostly suffers. Sane mostly enjoys. And transcendental is above both. Therefore he is free of bondage of suffering and joy on material plane. His aim is to satisfy Lord Kṛṣṇa, the supreme aim of everyone's purpose and the "gold standard" of all the actions.


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