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Srimad-Bhagavatam - Canto 2 Chapter 6 Text 7
vikramo bhur bhuvah svas ca
ksemasya saranasya ca
hares carana aspadam

vikramah -- forward steps; bhuh bhuvah -- of the lower and upper planets; svah -- as well as of heaven; ca -- also; ksemasya -- of protection of all that we have; saranasya -- of fearlessness; ca -- also; sarva-kama -- all that we need; varasya -- of all benedictions; api -- exactly; hareh -- of the Lord; caranah -- the lotus feet; aspadam -- shelter.

Thus the forward steps of the Lord are the shelter for the upper, lower and heavenly planets, as well as for all that we need. His lotus feet serve as protection from all kinds of fear.

For absolute protection from all sorts of fear, as well as for all our needs of life, we must take shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord, not only in this planet but also in all the upper, lower and heavenly planets. This absolute dependence on the lotus feet of the Lord is called pure devotional service, and it is directly hinted at within this passage. No one should have any kind of doubt in this matter, nor should one be inclined to seek the help of any other demigods, because all of them are dependent on Him only. Everyone, except the Lord Himself, is dependent on the mercy of the Lord; even the all-pervading Supersoul is also dependent on the supreme aspect of Bhagavan, the Personality of Godhead.

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Comment by lalit singh on July 29, 2010 at 2:19pm
Even the supersoul is dependant on Lord Krishna

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