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The purpose of this text is to document and disseminate H.H. Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaja's unique style of preaching on the Bhagavatam. In the material world we are all looking for loving guidance, but hardly do we find anyone who genuinely cares for us. Maharaja's way is to touch peoples hearts by touching their practical lives, and this he has been doing throughout his many years of service to Srila Prabhupada by expertly drawing out the practical teachings from the pages of Srimad Bhagavatam. In a spirit of reaching out to conditioned souls in the method and mood of Maharaja, we now attempt to share his invaluable realizations in the science of Krishna consciousness, with possibility of further input and increase. His humble request to us is that we also have to immerse ourselves in the transcendental knowledge of Srimad Bhagavatam and present it in the form of practical application according to the context we are in, and this will attract helpless souls to the shelter of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna's lotus feet.

A peaceful material situation is the basis for spiritual realization

If there is one thing people in Kali-yuga worry about it is the state of their economy and health. In the Bhagavatam it is foresaid that people in Kali-yuga will be short-lived and afflicted by the threefold miseries. In a headless attempt to make amends for the negative effects of the age we have invested our time, faith and energy in the advances of modern science. However this has only increased the level of suffering. Maharaja stresses that one must have a secure income in order to practice spiritual life, otherwise there will simply be anxiety for the maintenance of the body. Not only must one put in the effort for one's body's upkeep, but Maharaja stresses that this work must be performed immaculately as a sacrifice to the Lord. Half-hearted performance of one's duty is a hindrance in spiritual realization. If work in performed half-heartedly, devotional service will also be performed half-heartedly. Carelessness or laziness is not allowed in Krishna consciousness, for Krishna Himself is highly active and so are His associates. Only same species associate, swans do not associate with crows. Therefore work must be performed immaculately as a sacrifice for the satisfaction of the Lord. Such performance of work along with chanting of the Holy Names will attract the mercy of the Lord and thus all concerns for bodily maintenance will be solved automatically.
One of the pitfalls of the advancing materialistic age is that our living requirements are artificially increased. In previous times devotees of the Lord lived uncomplicated lives depending on the land and cows for all necessities of life. But now instead of simple living and high thinking, we get headaches due to rising petrol and gas prices. Maharaja's solution is to reduce requirements to the minimum. Use of household electrical appliances should be minimized and clothes should be washed by hand. Similarly electric lighting is unnatural and exposes the body to energy-zapping magnetic fields, therefore it's use should be minimized so far that we can carry on our activities without bumping into each other. By so doing one will save money and time, and improve health. The valuable time which is saved should be always be utilized for studying the Bhagavad-gita, Bhagavatam and Chanting Krishna's Transcendental Names. Most importantly Maharaja stresses that as devotees we should not ask things from Krishna. We should be devotees of Krishna, not asking Krishna to devoted to us. Thus we can practice Srila Prabhupada's formula of simple living and high thinking.

Dealings with other living entities

The material nature is that there will be impetus for quarreling. However if we give in to the temptation to quarrel when provoked we undoubtedly entangle ourselves deeper and deeper in the sufferings of the material world. Therefore 'no retaliation is the best retaliation'. This formula will save us valuable time, and cut our material accounts short. The more we fight with others, the more we deepen our material accounts, and at the end of life we should have all material accounts closed. As the tendency to quarrel is unwanted, so is the tendency to criticize. Therefore Maharajas simple direction is see good you become good, see bad you become bad,' and this will save us from the quarreling and critisizing nature.

Natural health care

Best medicine is no medicine. Dependency on modern medicine weakens our natural immune system. To keep the body fit for devotional service one may accept basic ayurvedic medicine directly from the tree. Thus the medicine one takes should be one's food, as is the way of ayurvedic medicine. Diseases come from a disturbed mind with following digestion disorder. In this connection Maharaja instructs to be particular about what you eat - a hand which does not chant on beads is a dead hand. Only those hands that chant can prepare prasadam, which is to be taken.
Nrisimhadeva ripped out the intestine of Hiranyakasipu, this is not coincidental. When one goes against the will of Krishna bad digestion is there, and all diseases stem from bad digestion. In addition Maharaja instructs to make it a habit to take a little less food than required. This will secure a good digestion and at the same time promote a high sense of awareness. During the times of Maharajas childhood people would take bath using chickpea flour, or black earth which is best. However black earth is no longer easily available, so chickpea flour will do. This will naturally nourish the skin and keep it clean and feeling good for much longer, than taking bath with common soap.

Engaging the fruits of work

Maharaja stresses that it is not practical for everyone to stay in the temple, nor is it at all needed. Most devotees will go to work and stay in their own household. Therefore each householder should work to make their home into a temple for Krishna. Prabhupada translated bhakti-yoga to devotional service not only devotion. Dropping a coin in the donation box every Sunday will not do.

Many will find it difficult to give money to the temple, however instead of spending for oneself one should spend for Krishna. Foodstuffs have to be bought daily, but by buying for Krishna and sacrificing the daily meals to Him first, one becomes Krishna conscious. Everything comes from Krishna and we can thank and worship Him simply by chanting the Holy Names - Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Therefore Maharaja says, In the morning you excuse yourself, now I have to go to work, and as soon as work is finished you return to the worship or Krishna. During the working hours one should meditate on performing one's duty immaculately as a sacrifice in devotion to Krishna, and this will be attractive to everyone. Thus one's present activities becomes spiritualized and one becomes happy in Krishna consciousness without a difficult re-arrangement of one's activities. Everyone should do what they do, but simply do it for Krishna.

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