Home Programme in Auckland
I did a home program in Auckland. At the end of the talk this Indian lady approached me with some questions. She was under lots of stress. She witnessed one of her friends committing suicide, a big shock. She is very attached to her father and for some strange reason she thought “What if my father dies”? Sure enough she got a call from india saying her father had a stroke and went into coma. Both these combined she was going through so much anxiety she was asking me what she can do to feel some relief I encouraged he to chant on beads at least 10 rounds or more and she will surely feel better.

She and her husband took my number and went home. Two days later it was raining I was chanting my rounds thinking how am I gonna go out? It’s marathon (we were doing a 2 week marathon as an offering to my Guru), low energy, horrible weather krsna please help.

I got a call from this mataji, she was still under lots of stress she asked please tell me how I can feel some releif from this anxiety attack pleaseeee. I was thinking, “Krsna I already told her to chant but she is desperate for more help.” So I said, “I have these Puranas called Srimad Bhagavatam if you bought this set and start reading the prayers of Queen Kunti in the 1st canto and Gajendra’s prayers in the 8th canto you will surely feel releif.”

She asked me how much is the set, I told her the amount. She said that her inlaws are not favorable to her practicing bhakti so they won’t allow her to purchase books even though she is higly qualified IT professional. I said we can set up an automatic payment where you can pay $25 a week they wont even notice it, its such a small amount, she agreed.

So I took the set to her place but she wasn’t home. I felt strange that she wasn’t there after I told her many times I am coming. I decided to leave the books with her father-in-law who was drunk and was watching bollywood dance, but he introduced him self to me as a brahmin.

Two days went by, I kept texting this mataji with no reply, I went into anxiety. All of a sudden she called me and said prabhu I am so thankful to you. As soon as the Bhagavatam entered my home the next morning I felt completely normal and happy. She sounded so happy and enthusiastic, seeing her so happy and normal her husband said no problem we can pay, he paid the full amount. Krsna’s mercy, her father also came out of coma.

Srimad Bhagavatam amalam puranam

Your Servant

Shastra Krit Das

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