(Prayers to Sri Radha)

1. O beautiful-eyed one, will I soon worship Your two lotus feet with jeweled anklets and the petals of Your lotus feet with toe-rings? With a splendid belt will I soon worship Your hips, the sacred pilgrimage place of Lord Krishna?

2. Bowed down with intense bliss, with two jeweled armlets will I decorate Your two graceful lotus arms, which expertly destroy the peacefulness of the swan of Lord Krishna's heart?

3. O beautiful one, will this person some day worship with a valuable necklace Your neck, which attained all good fortune when it was touched by the arm of Lord Gokulacandra in the festival of the rasa dance?

4. O beautiful-faced one, will I make the Syamantaka jewel, which after the death of proud Sankhacuda, was given by Balarama to cheerful-hearted Madhumangala, which Madhumangala with his own hand gave to You, and which since has become the friend of the Kaustubha jewel, the central jewel of Your necklace?

5. O slender-waisted one, when, fearing that Your very slender waist might break, will I very carefully tie it with a new golden belt splendid with flower-cluster tassels at each end?

6. O golden one, when will Your nose, which defeats the sesame flower, receive from my hand a beautiful golden honey-pearl that agitates the great bumblebee of Lord Krishna?

7. O golden one, when, by Your order, will I place on Your left arm a silken band tied with jewels and flowers?

8. O restless-eyed one, the rings I place in Your ears made Lord Krishna, who agitates all the gopis, aimlessly wander in a circle.

9. O fawn-eyed one, when will I place a dot of splendid musk on Your chin, the temple of Mukunda's happiness?

10. O queen, when will I decorate Your pearl-like teeth with ruby-like red lines?
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