(Prayers to Sri Radha)

1. O girl with the golden lips, will the Krishna-parrot bite the nectar bimba fruits of Your lips, splendid with red khadira and camphor, placed by Me?

2. When will this person worship with black kajjala Your two eyes, which defeat the khanjana birds, and which, with the slightest movement from their corners, in a moment tightly bind the regal elephant of Lord Krishna?

3. His head reddened by the marks of Your feet as He tries to soothe Your jealous anger Lord Krishna has become extremely handsome. When, decorated with nectar red lac by me, will Your feet become very splendid?

4. O graceful artist, O queen, when will this maidservant happily place a sweet jasmine-garland filled with humming bees on Your gracefully sloping shoulders, touched in the rasa dance by Lord Krishna, who has become a moon shining with amorous passion?

5. O girl with charming limbs, O girl with a beautiful face, will this maidservant nearby hand You the articles of worship when, surrounded by Your friends, You are eager at heart to devotedly worship the sun-god on an alter of suryamani jewels?

6. O girl with beautiful thighs, employing the hands of Your friends, such as myself, will You place before Lord Krishna the many delicious foods You very carefully cooked by the order of the queen of Vraja?

7. O beautiful one, when, lovingly touching her forehead to the forehead of they, like me, who had brought the feast, will the jubilant queen of Vraja, like a loving mother, ask me, because I am Your maidservant, about Your welfare?

8. O queen, will I place before You the prasadam remnants tasted by the lotus mouth of Lord Krishna and respectfully brought by Danistha-gopi.

9. O girl whose limbs are anointed with kunkuma, when will I carefully feed You, Lalita, and Your other friends many kinds of ambrosia foods and nectar drinks mixed with the remnants of what was directly tasted by Lord Krishna?

10. O restless-eyed one, when will I lovingly give You sweet drinking-water scented with fresh patala flowers and camphor, water to rinse Your mouth, a toothbrush twig, and other things?
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  • Jai Sri Radhe!
  • I am not qualified to speak, only liberated souls can enjoy this information.
    thanks a lot.
  • its very nicearticle aboutRADHARANI. thanks hare krishna Radhe Radhe
  • radhe radhe maataji
  • Jai Jai Shree Radhey............
  • haribol!! so meaningful n nice
    thankyou so much
  • Yet another one of the most beautiful photo of Radhan Rani Ji from you and it does win Lord Krishna heart and soul a true love Mataji Thank you for such a awesome picture HARE KRISHNA
  • Radhey Radhey! Jai shri Radhey!
  • Nice one, mathaji!
  • thanks for this great massage about radharani
    krdo kardo badea paar radha albeli sarkar
    radhey- radhey
    hari bol
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