(Prayers to Sri Radha)

1. O queen, when will I hide the flute that You won from Lord Hari in the dice game, broke, and tossed to me?

2. O girl with the beautiful face, when, the hairs of my body standing up in ecstasy, will I fan You as You lay on a pastime bed of jasmine flowers in the temple of bliss of amorous love, smiling and conversing very sweetly with Your beloved?

3. O queen, O girl whose face is a blossoming lotus flower, O personification of shyness, when, Your two lotus feet exhausted by walking from the rendezvous, will You affectionately call this shameless person by name and engage her in massaging them?

4. O queen with my eyes and ears will I serve the nectar of Your words scented with the camphor of Your smile?

5. O pious one, when, picking flowers with Your sweet and crooked friends, You pretend to quarrel with the Lord of Your life and You angrily leave Him, will You fill me with boundless happiness?

6. O merciful one, when, because I feel shy before Your friends, will You take me to a cave in the king of mountains and there tutor me in the art of melodious singing?

7. O queen, when, because Your friends are too shy to act, will You hint that I should restring the favorite necklace, broken in Your pastimes?

8. O queen, when, after looking in all directions, will You take the chewed betel nuts from Your mouth and affectionately place them in mine?

9. I am Yours! I am Yours! I cannot live without You! O queen, please understand this and bring me to Your feet.

10. O restless-eyed girl, Your lake is the eternal home of You and Your beloved. My residence is there. There I stay.

11. O Lord, O nectar moon of Gokula, O Lord whose cheerful face is a lotus flower, O sweetly-smiling one, O Lord melting with compassion, so I may serve You both with love please lead me to the place where Your beloved enjoys loving pastimes with You.

12. My queen, even a drop of the beauty of the tip of whose lotus toenail the goddess of fortune is not able to attain, if You do not give charity to my eyes, then what is the use of my life, ablaze with a great forest-fire of sufferings?

13. For me somehow the present moment is flooded by a nectar ocean of many hopes. If You do not give me Your mercy, then of what use to me are this life, the land of Vraja, and Sri Krishna, the enemy of Baka?

14. O affectionate one, I pray that this Vilapa-kusumanjali (Handful of Flowers in the Form of a Lament), which, with much weeping to attain Your loving service, and with a heart burning with pain, I take from my chest and place at Your lotus feet, may give You a little pleasure.

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  • jaya Radhe jaya Krishna...Goura Hari.....
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  • Jaya Radhe Radhe! Hari Bol!
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