Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara)

Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara) - Javata

Once, Srimati Radhika was in mana and did not meet Krsna for several days. The sakhis tried various means to convince Her to give up Her mana, but on this occasion Her mana was fixed and therefore difficult to subdue. Krsna's separation from Radha filled Him with great distress. Subala sakha therefore began to hatch a plan to help Him meet with Radha. Subala exactly resembles Srimati Radhika in age, beauty, speech and so forth and is skilled in many arts. He consoled Krsna, saying," Why are You so distressed? You should wait in this kunja for a short time while I arrange Your meeting with Priyaji." Saying this, he went to Yava-grama. When Jatila(Srimati Radhika's mother-in-law) saw him there, she cried out," Subala, you are the friend of that licentious debauchee Krsna, why are you hovering around our house? Leave this place immediately."

Subala replied," Maiya, one of my calves is lost and I can not find it anywhere. I have come to search for it."

"Your calf has not come here,"Jatila answered. "Leave at once." Subala repeatedly requested her to please allow him to look for his calf, and she finally relented. "I am going now to make cow-dung patties. Go to the cowshed and search for your calf, and if you find it, take it."

Subala became delighted and reached Srimati Radhika's balcony through the cowshed. He gave such a heart rending description of Krsna's condition of separation that Srimatiji's heart melted. She immediately gave up Her mana and prepared Herself to go and console Krsna, but how would She be able to leave Her house? Subala then gave Her his clothes and She disguised Herself as him, carrying a stick and wearing a twisted turban on Her head, a dhoti around Her waist, and a necklace of gunja seeds around Her neck. Carrying a small calf in Her arms, She appeared to be Subala happily leaving, having found his lost calf. Meanwhile, Subala, disguised as Radhika, became immersed in conservation with the sakhis. When Jatila saw Srimatiji disguised as Subala leaving the cowshed, she asked," So, did you find your calf?"

Radhika answered in Subala's voice,"Just see Maiya,"She said," I have found it." Jatila did not became even the slightest bit suspicious. Srimati Radhika finally reached Krsna, having made Her way to the location as indicated by Subala. Distressed in separation, Krsna asked Her," Sakha, were you unable to bring My beloved? My life is coming to an end. What should I do? Where should I go?" Upon seeing Krsna in such a miserable condition, Srimatiji could not contain Herself. She put the calf down and embraced Him. By Her tender touch and by the fragnance of Her body, Krsna understood everything and all His sorrow went far away. He repeatedly praised the intelligence of Subala, and proceeded to enjoy delightful pastimes with His beloved. After sometime, Subala also arrived there and became so happy to watch Their meeting.
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  • Radhey Radhey...
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  • thank you somuch matagi for answering my question.  haribol
  • Radhe Radhe,

    "Mana" means "mood of jealous anger".


    Take care.

  • what is the meaing of mana matagi?  radhe radhe
  • Radhe Radhe,

    This story is from the book "Sri Vraj Mandal Parikrama". You can download the book from

    Take care.
    Pure Bhakti
  • radhe radhe...very nyc mataji....thank u for this..hare krishna
  • such a nice story mataji...!

    Mataji wher did u find this story where can I find these type of stories about delightful pastimes of Sri Radkrsna

    kindly reply plzzz.

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