Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara)

Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara) - Luk-luki-kunda

While grazing the cows, Krsna would sometimes leave His play(water-sports) with the sakhas for a while to meet the gopis in this lovely, secluded place. Krsna played hide-and-seek here with the vraja-ramanis. The gopis closed their eyes, and Krsna hid in a cave in a nearby hill. The sakhis searched for Him everywhere, but were anable to find Him. They became very worried. "Where could Krsna have gone,leaving us behind?" they thought, and they began to meditate on Him. After Sri Krsna entered the cave, He appeared on the top of the hill in which the cave is buried and played sweetly on His flute. The sound of the flute broke the sakhis meditation on Him. They looked up to see their beloved playing His flute on the hill, and eagerly ran there to meet Him. The sound of the flute somewhat melted the hill, and Sri Krsna's footprints manifested there.
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