Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara)

Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara) - Paitha grama

When Sri Krsna disappeared from the springtime rasa, the grief-stricken gopis began searching for Him everywhere. Krsna assumed a four-armed form at Paitha grama, but when the gopis saw this form, they simply offered obeisances and continued on their way. Srimatiji, restless in seperation from Krsna, finally arrived there. When Sri Krsna saw Srimatiji He was unable to maintain His four-armed form, and the two arms entered His body (paitha gaye). He then met with Srimatiji in His form as an ever-fresh, youthful cowherd boy and expert dancer holding a flute in His hand. Sri Krsna begged forgiveness from Her and said," Beloved, when I suddenly did not see You in the rasa, I became aggrieved in seperation from You and began searching for You. I am only performing this rasa for You. You should never go into jealous anger (mana) and leave Me ever again."

Krsna has many beloveds, but Srimati Radhika is the crown jewel of them all, because She is the embodiment of mahabhava and the possessor of all good qualities. This is why Sri Krsna was able to maintain His four-armed form before the other sakhis, but could not maintain His mood upon seeing Srimatiji and His two extra arms entered into His body. This is the special glory of Srimati Radhika.
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