Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara)

Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara) - Carana-pahadi

This place is situated west of Nandagaon. During cow herding, Krsna played His flute on this hill(pahadi) to assemble His hundereds of thousands of cows. By the tender and sweet sound of His flute, this hill melted and became marked with the impressions of Krsna's footprints(carana-cihna). Hence, this hill is called Carana-pahadi.

On Kamsa's order, the great devotee Akrura came to Nandagaon to bring Krsna and Balarama to Mathura. When he saw Krsna's footprints on this hill and everywhere in the sand nearby, he became filled with ecstatic emotions, and became crying and rolling around on them. To this day, devotees become ecstatic upon seeing Sri Krsna's footprints here.
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  • Jai Sri Krsna!
  • ya my parents have seen this caran pahadi during their Braj chaurasi kosh parikramma
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    Very nice piece of information mathaji!

  • Radhe Radhe........................
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