Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara)

Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara) - Gahvaravana

One day, when Sri Krsna was out grazing the cows with His akhas, nearby in a field, green chickpea plants were growing. Upon seeing them, Sri Krsna together with His Sakhas broke off some plants. The woman taking care of the field came to know of this and ran to catch them, but Kanhaiya was too swift. Keeping the plants under His arm, He ran very fast through crooked paths and finally came to a stop in Gahvaravana, where He roasted the green chickpeas and ate them with His Sakhas. While they were laughing and enjoying eating roasted chickpeas, the cowherd woman arrived at that spot, but upon seeing the splendour of Krsna's beauty, she forgot the incident and her anger was pacified. Due to absorption in motherly love, she began shelling the peas and personally fed Kanhaiya.
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  • Radhe Radhe,
    The story is from the book Sri Vraj Mandal Parikrama.

    Take care.
  • It is really blessing Mataji

    Hare Krishna
  • Radhe Radhe mata ji...........its beautiful
  • a wonderful story and picture of Lord Sri Krsna...
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