Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara)

Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara) - Chatravana & Umrao

Here, Sridama and other sakhas seated Sri Krsna on a throne and declared Him the exalted king(Chatra-pati) of Vraja. Sri Balarama sat on Krsna's left side, and began executing the duties of minister of state. Sridama held an umbrella over Krsna's head; Arjuna fanned Him with a camara; Madhumangala sat in front of Krsna and acted as court jester; Subala offered Him betel-nuts; and Subahu, Visala and some other sakhas assumed the roles of subjects. Through Madhumangala, Chatra-pati Maharaja Krsna proclaimed through the land," Maharaja Chatra-pati Nandakumara is the sole emperor here. No one else has claim to any authority. Daily the gopis destroy this garden(Chatravana); therefore they should all be punished."

When the sakhis heard Sri Krsna's proclamation, they complained to Lalita about Him. Lalita became angry and said," Who is that person who dares to claim authority over Radhika's kingdom? We will retaliate against Him." Saying this, she seated Radhika on a beautiful throne and pronounced Her to be the undisputed queen.(Umrava)

Citra sakhi held an umbrella over Radhika's head, and Visakha fanned Her with a camara. Lalita sat on Radhika's left as Her minister of state. One sakhi offered Her betel-nuts and the remaining sakhis acted as subjects. Sitting on Her throne, Radhika ordered the sakhis," Go and defeat the person who desires to usurp My kingdom. Bind Him and bring Him before Me." 

Recieving the order of their Umrava, thousands and thousands of sakhis with flower-sticks in their hands left for battle. When Arjuna, Lavanga, Subala and Madhumangala saw them approaching, they fled in all directions. One clever sakhi, however, caught Madhumangala, bound him with a flower garland, and brought him to the lotus feet of Umrava. Some gopis slapped Madhumangala's cheeks a few times and said," What audacity you have to try to unlawfully seize the authority of this kingdom from our Umrava? We will punish you right now." Madhumangala bowed his head low like a defeated general. "That is only befitting." he said. "We concede defeat, but please hand down such a punishment that my stomach will be filled." Maharani Radhika started to laugh and said," This is just some gluttonous brahmana. Release him." The sakhis filled his stomach with laddus and let him go.  

Madhumangala returned to Chatra-pati Maharaja Krsna and, petending to cry, gave Him a detailed report of his humiliating detention. Hearing this, Krsna together with Madhumangala and the sakhas invaded Umrao. When Srimati Radhika saw Her prana-vallabha Sri Krsna, She became quite embarrased and quickly tried to take off Her royal dress, but the sakhis, laughing, would not let Her do so. Madhumangala seated Chatra-pati Sri Krsna on Umrava Radhika's right side. They both made a treaty in which Krsna's accepted Srimati Radhika's sovereignty. Madhumangala folded his hands before Srimati Radhika and said," The kingdom of Krsna's body is now under Your rule. You can take whatever You desire from Him". Participating in this pastime filled the sakhis and sakhas with bliss.
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  • Radhey blissful...
  • mathaji,

    really wonderful pastimes,...from which books thease are  mathaji?

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    Pranam Geeta Didi. Hare Krishna. Thank you very much for adding this lovely pastime. Take care, bye.
  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    LoL, beautiful.. wonderfull.. my eyes filled with tears because I can't stop laughing with joy!!  I just can't get the image of Madhumangala out of my mind.. I know a similar devotee a Madhumangala das here in South Africa who has the same demeanor.


    Thank you for this wonderful narration of Shri Krishna's pastime..

    2531712406?profile=originaland here's a pic of Madhumangala das distributing books to Albert Einstein!!


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