Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara)

Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara) - Uddhava-kyari(Visakha-kunja)

Sometimes, Krsna used to perform the rasa dance here with Radhaji and Her friends.

After Sri Krsna's departure to Mathura, all of Vraja drowned in an ocean of seperation from Him. What to speak of the gopas and gopis, even the birds and animals gave up eating and drinking, feeling distressed in seperation from Krsna. Krsna's beloved gopis followed Akrura's chariot to this point and then fell to the ground unconscious. They never returned home again. Grievously afflicted by seperation from Krsna, Radhaji stayed in this dense forest in seclusion. In the hope of Krsna's return, She counted each passing day, remaining on the verge of death. At that time, Krsna's messenger Uddhava came here to console the gopis but, upon seeing Srimati Radhika's state of separation, he paid his respect to Her from afar, unable to say anything.

Accutely afflicted by separation, Srimati Radhika saw a bumblebee and thought it to be Krsna's messenger. In the state of divyonmada, She started manifesting moods of transcendental madness. Sometimes She chastised the bee, and sometimes She complained to it. Sometimes She gave the bee instructions, sometimes She respects and sometimes She inquired from it about the well-being of Her beloved. Uddhava was amazed to see and hear all this. He had come as a teacher to give instructions, but instead he became a student. To console the gopis, he relayed some of the Krsna's messages to them, but this only intensified their pain of seperation. They said,"Udho man na bhayo das bis, ek huto so gayo syam sanga, ko aradhe isa - Uddhava, we do not each have ten or twenty hearts. We had only one, which has now gone away along with Syama. With which heart shall we worship God?" They also said," Udho joga kahan rakhen yahan rom rom syam hai - Uddhava, how can we perform yoga when Syama already pervades every particles in our bodies?"

In the end, Uddhava decided to take birth in Vraja in the form of a small shrub, creeper or blade of grass so that he could be blessed with the dust of gopis feet.

This pastime place is filled with the rasa of topmost meeting(maha-sambhoga) and at the same time, it is filled with the rasa of the highest degree of separation(maha-vipralambha). The life of sadhaka becomes successful by taking darsana of and touching this place.
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  • Volunteer
    Pranam Geeta didi. This pastime is very beautiful. It bring back a memory to me. Many years ago a devotee told me that she wished to be born back as a blade of grass in vrndavana, so that devotees can walk on the grass, and so she could be of service to them. Take care, bye.
  • amazing.....Hari Bol
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