Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara)

Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara) - Javata

Once, Mother Yasoda was in her storeroom, organising some skirts, blouses, shawls and other expensive clothes and ornaments to be placed in a large chest, when mischievous Krsna burst into the room. He came up behind her, put His arms behind her neck and insisted on knowing what she was doing. "Maiya, is it My birthday today?" He asked. "Are you preparing all of these clothes and ornaments for Me?"

"Go and play now," Maiya answered with some irritation."Do not disturb me." Krsna felt somewhat dejected and left, only to observe what His mother was doing from a hidden place. Mother Yasoda was preparing this box to send to Srimati Radhika in Javata. She would occasionally send such gifts to please the hard-hearted Jatila, so that she would not prohibit her daughter-in-law from coming to Nanda-bhavana. Clever Sri Krsna understood this fact, so when His mother finished packing the chest and became absorbed in other household chores, Krsna made His way with Subala sakha to the room in which the chest lay. They unlocked it and removed its contents, and Krsna climbed inside. Subala closed the lid and locked it as before.

Yasoda has requested Abhimanyu to personally come and collect the box because it was filled with expensive gifts and should not be given to anyone else. Abhimanyu put the box on his head and with great difficulty carried it to his mother in Javata-grama. Jatila said,"My son, this box is filled with very expensive clothes and ornaments for my daughter-in-law, so put it in Her room." He happily placed the box in Srimati Radhika's room and left. When sakhis eagerly opened the box and saw the mischievous Syamasundara inside, they burst out laughing. Their bliss knew no bounds. With intense prema, Radha and Krsna met, which filled the sakhis with great satisfaction.
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  • Hare beautiful....thanx mataji for sharing...
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    Pranam Didi. Hare Krishna. Wonderful pastime indeed, take care, bye.
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  • Radhe Govinda! Thanks for posting mataji :-) beautiful!
  • Haribol!

    Thanks Mathaji for sharing these wonderful pastimes!

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