Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi

Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati's

Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi

(The Nectar Moon of Sri Radha's Sweetness)

1. Obeisances to the direction that faces Sri Vrsabhanu's daughter. When the breeze coming from that direction playfully moves the edge of His garment, Lord Krsna, who cannot be attained by even the kings of the yogis, thinks that His life has now become a great success.

2. Obeisances to the glory of Sri Vrsabhanu's daughter. Even Brahma, Siva and all the demigods cannot attain the pollen of Her lotus feet. Her merciful glance showers the best of all nectars.

3. I meditate on the dust of Sri Radha's feet, dust that even Brahma, Siva, Sukadeva, Narada, Bhisma and a host of great saints cannot see, dust that has limitless power, dust that at once transforms the Supreme Personality of Godhead into Sri Radha's submissive servant.

4. I meditate on the dust of Sri Radha's feet, dust that becomes a kamadhenu cow to give the nectar of rasa as the devotees celebrate a festival of spiritual love. Placing this dust on their heads, the beautiful gopis attain something even peacock-feather-crowned Krsna yearns to attain.

5. Glory to the forest-goddess. When, wounded by millions of Kamadeva's arrows, Nanda's son fell, She brought Him to life by splashing Him with many waves of the blissful nectar of Her touch.

6. When will the sweet and graceful nectar ocean that is Radha's face, an ocean filled at every moment with waves of sweetness, charm, beauty, and wonderfully beautiful pastimes, appear before us?

7. When will I become a sweeper in the forest courtyard where, surrounded by many maidservants, the peacock-feather-crowned Supreme Personality of Godhead speaks His appeal to the nectar ocean that is Sri Radha?

8. O my heart, please turn from great things of this world and run to Vrndavana, where the great treasure, the nectar flood that delivers the devotees from this world, is Sri Radha's name.

9. O Sri Radha, O great treasure of bliss, when, as the best of lovers falls at Your feet and begs for the nectar festival of a single embrace, will I see You knit Your eyebrows and hear You say “No! No!”

10. May Sri Radha, who is the personified nectar ocean of perfect spiritual love, and the splendour of whose candrakanta-jewel toenails glistens amongst the gopis, be merciful to me.
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  • Hari Hari bol........
  • You describe Radh Rani very nicely thank you Hare Krishna
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  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    Really wonderful and extremely sweet prayer.
    Hari Hari Bol!!

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  • hare krishna
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    ati sundar
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    beautifull .......
  • Thank you for sharing this nectar Mathaji. Radhe Radhe!
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