Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi

Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati's
Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi
(The Nectar Moon of Sri Radha's Sweetness)

1. When, seeing my sincere and unwavering devotion to Sri Radha's lotus feet, a devotion filled with boundless love greater than the love He feels for His own devotees, will charming Krsna embrace me, take the betel nuts from His mouth and place them in my mouth, and place His own forest garland upon me?

2. When will Sri Radha, whose beauty is supremely wonderful, whose expert skill in amorous pastimes is very wonderful, whose splendid glory is very wonderful, whose playful movements are wonderful, whose sidelong glances are the greatest wonder of wonders, whose smile is wonderful and whose form is wonderful, give me the opportunity to engage in Her wonderfully sweet service?

3. O my queen, when will I say to You, "You threw away fear, shyness, glory, Your family's reputation and a host of other shackles in order to be with Him!" and when will You, bewildered, stuttering, and laughing, angrily reply, "when did I do that? When?"

4. O my queen, when will I see You smiling, Your form plunged into the nectar of transcendental mellows as dark Krsna speaks sweetly to You, holding Your silk garment and the blossoming vine of Your arm? When, Your body garlanded with its hairs standing up in ecstasy, will You, humming in agreement, glance at me?

5. The king of rasikas stays in Vrndavana forest. Resting on the breast of a beautiful gopi, He enjoys the pastimes of a playful teenager. He enjoys a festival of bowing down before His gopi friend. May He be merciful to me. May He place me at His beloved's nectar feet.

6. When will our queen, who is expert in all arts, and whom many gopi friends dress in splendid silk garments, a graceful bodice, wonderful ornaments, and glorious tilaka, scents, and flower garlands, allow us to enter the sweet festival of rasas?

7. When, our necks embraced by the great arms of our lover in the sweet and wonderful rasa-dance festival splendid with tinkling bracelets, anklets, and other ornaments, will we fix our eyes on the footprints of our queen?

8. My heart swims in the nectar lake of the descriptions of Lord Krsna. I decorate each day with the ornaments of worshipping Krsna and chanting the glories of His transcendental virtues. I love Krsna's dear devotees. I pray that Sri Radha, who loves Lord Krsna, the prince of the gopas, and considers Him more dear than life, may be pleased with me.

9. If I can attain confidential service to King Vrsabhanu's daughter, whose form is filled with the nectar of pure love, then how important are pious deeds to me? How important are the demigods? How important is Brahma? How important is Siva? How important is the struggle to meet the dear devotees of Lord Krsna?

10. O Radha, O goddess with a splendid moon face, doe eyes, beautiful nose, red lips, graceful smile, vine arms, graceful conchshell neck, regal-mountain breasts, slender waist, broad hips, banana-tree thighs, lotus feet, and moon toenails, when will I be able to worship You?
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  • Radhe Radhe maataji ..............beautiful...............when will we all able to serve sri radhika's divine dust of her lotus feet
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    this wonderful relationship of love of God ...

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    bahut sundar
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