Sri Krishna's greatest Miracle !

Hare Krsna

Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupada


Speaking about Bhagavan Sri Krishna is difficult because He transcends thought and wordKrishna is that truth, unable to explain which, thoughts and words return defeatedHe is pure knowledge, pure bliss, pure love and the embodiment of *Vedic Dharma* —yet He is beyond all this as well.

Sri Krishna lived on this earth 5,000 years ago, but His message and work have equal importance in the present and the futureThe reason is that Sri Krishna's life and words teach us practical things. Through His life, Bhagavan Krishna showed us how man can practice spiritual values in his daily life even while immersed in worldly actions. In Ambadi, in Vrindavan and in several other places, Krishna performed so many miracles. If we keep those aside, Krishna's life contains the same events as the life of an ordinary manYet there was a huge differenceSri Krishna was able to face all the circumstances in His life with a smileWhether the circumstances were favourable or unfavourable, His smile—the mark of complete contentment—never left His faceHis smile proclaimed to the world that His birth and life were completely blissfulSince the day He was born, the smile never left Krishna's face—not even in the battlefield.

Sri Krishna's form, His words, His plays and actions left devotees absorbed in blissThere is no greater power, no greater miracle, than Krishna's deeds. In fact, Krishna's greatest miracle was not lifting the Govardhana mountain; it was the Bhakti-yoga He created in the hearts of the innocent GopisBecause, the Gopis were simple, illiterate, village girls who had no exposure to scriptural knowledge. All they had was their innocent love for KrishnaThey thought of Krishna as being the only truth, the only eternal companion, their only true wealth, their everythingTheir wealth was Krishna, their truth was Krishna, their sole relative was Krishna, their self was Krishna… When they abandoned their husbands and children to follow Krishna, He told them to return to their household duties. The Gopis asked Him then, "We have reached You, to attain whom all the karmas (duties) of the world are performedSo, what significance do our duties have in our lives when we have attained You?" This is the attitude the Gopis had towards Bhagavan Krishna—the attitude of supreme love to God .

Sri  Krishna entered this world with a smile and left the world with a smile. As for us, we come into the world crying and leave it crying and making others cryWe should prepare to leave the world with a smile.Life should be like a hotel that we enter with a smile, enjoy the stay and exit with a smileWhen a person living in a rented home builds a house, he leaves for his own home gladly. He will not leave unhappilyhe will leave with a smile because he is leaving for his own house. Similarly, death is an unexpected guest who can arrive at any moment, beckoning usWe should be able to leave at any moment with a smile, with the awareness that we are going to our true homeThe body is like a rented home that we will be asked to vacate at any momentWe should stay in it, but at the same time put efforts to build our real homeThen we can leave with a smile.

Let Krishna's undying smile be an inspiration to us all. May love for Bhagavan Sri Krishna  flow from our hearts like gentle moonlight. May that infant Krishna be born and play in all hearts at all timesLet us imagine a world like that. We see children laughing, running and playing around us. In the same way, let us imagine all the people of the world forgetting every care, laughing, running and playing like Krishna's children. Let us pray for this and strive towards its fulfilment. Just as Krishna and the Gopis of Vrindavan laughed and played and lived merrily, forgetting everything else, may our hearts be filled with Krishna's playfulness, love and happinessMay Bhagavan Sri Krishna bless us all .


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