sa jayati viçuddha-vikramaù / kanakäbhaù kamaläyatekaëaù
vara-jänu-vilambi-ña-bhujo / bahudhä bhakti-rasäbhinartakaù 1

saù - He;
 jayati - may He be victorious; viçuddha-vikramaù - who has
 and immense potency; kanaka-äbhaù - golden luster; kamala -
lotus; äyata - spread; ékaëaù - glance; vara-jänu - beautiful knees; vilambi -
extend; ñaö-bhujaù - six arms; bahudhä - manifold; bhakti-rasa - devotional

mellows; abhinartakaù - enchanting dancer.

May my Lord be ever victorious, whose potencies are immense and immaculate,
whose luster is glittering golden, whose eyes are as wide-spread as the petals of the
lotus, whose beautiful arms extend down to His excellent knees, and who
munificently distributes the myriad mellows of devotion while delightfully dancing.

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  • Hare Krishna today is ekadashi we have remember more n more mahaprabhu

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