sri gaur arti...hindi

jai sri the grace of sri gauranga i wrote this arti in hindi...its meaning in english is also given....

om jai sri gaur hari,prabhu jai sri gaur hari.
sunder chabi prabhu nyari,dekhat vipat tari.1.

all glories to the lord gaura hari...he is extremely beautiful..and by taking his darshana..all troubles go away.

gaud des prabhu prakate,kali mahi saar diya.
krishna naam de paavan,jan jan taar diya.2.

he appeared in bengal...and gave the dharama of this dark age...sri krishna naam..and thus he liberated everyone by giving the holy name of lord.

gaur baran ati mohak,mathe tilak laga.
daras kiya hari jisne,uska bhag jaga.3.

his complexion is like gold..which is very attractive..and there is a sandalwood tilak on his forehead....those who saw sri mahaprabhu were extremely lucky.

sang nitai nache,krishna prem ras paye.
chabi sunder jo dhyave,bhava se mukt ho jaye.4.

with sri gauranga..sri nityananda prabhu also danced in the love of krishna..and the ones who meditate on both of them will be liberated from the circle of birth and death.

hey karunamaye swami,gaurcandra pyare.
iss bhavasagar mahi tum,prabhu hamre sahare.5.

o the most merciful master sri gaura..o my this cosmic ocean..only you are our hope.

papi,tapi,tare,rogi rog hara.
krishna naam le jan jan bhavsagar se tara.6.

you liberated the sinners from sins and the diseased from their gave the name of the lord to the people.
and thus by chanting the holy name..all were liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

narhari tum hey gaura,varah rupa dhare.
radha krishna ke darsan,pake bhakt tare.7.

you are yourself lord narsimha nad lord varaha(the boar incarnation)...all your devotees saw sri radha krishna in you.

gaura hari ki arti,prem se jo gaave.
das kamal vo jan dhruv krishna lok jaave.8.

those who sing the arti of gaura hari with pure love..the lord's
servant kamal believes that he will surely attain the goloka dhama.

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  • Hare Krishna Brother

    This aarti is very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. keep sharing precious words.

  • jai sri radhe....thanks a lot...
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