Splash in the Water by Bhaktimarga Swami


It’s only an hour’s drive to Innisfil, which is set along a southwesterly edge of Lake Simcoe. I had been hankering for being in water for my joints and for a healing left leg. Tony is fun-loving, a senior, who declares himself as Greek Orthodox and he opened up his driveway for seekers of beach pleasure. The deal was $25 dollar parking for each of our vehicles for as long as we want. Actually, he saved us from the turmoil of parking many blocks away. This was our picnic and it was the birthday of Aindra, from Oakville, a chance to chill and bring along our team from the “Monk for a Weekend” program.

The water, which seemed warmer than the air, was pleasing and our game of “108 up” with a volley ball in the lake was our high-point. Jason, a monk for a weekend, loved the game like all of us. He was indeed feeling the community spirit. Everything about the weekend was fresh, new and spiritual for him. Like many of us who have tread through the mundane mill, suffering has been ample. A breather is very welcome.

Jason is chanting, reading Prabhupada’s books and keeping company with bhakti yogis. Now he’s splashing, like the rest of us, much like companions of Chaitanya in Puri, India. It must have been therapy and ecstasy for them.

To the cooks of our picnic – thanks! To Aindra on his 47th – congrats! To Jason who’s awakening to Krishna – Haribol! And to Lake Simcoe – thanks for the liquid!

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/09/sunday-september-5-2021.html

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