Spirituality Of Modern Age course

Spirituality Of Modern Age course

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In the pandemic, it could get hard to have Devotee Association while staying at home. So I thought that Online sanga is the best chance I have for progressing. I joined a course by Amogh Lila Prabhu from IYF Dwaraka called SMA/ Spirituality for modern age course. It was a great experience for me, and I got to know a lot more about spirituality! The course was started in July and each week we used to cover a different topic on saturdays and Have a Q/A session on tuesdays. There was a quiz link under each session in which we could answer questions related to the session and ask any doubts too. All the devotees who came in the top 50 would be awarded. I would have topped too but I got 0.25 less than what was needed (close miss!). It was so nice that I thought many others would also want to participate and so I'll be sharing a link through which you all can register too! the course starts at 2nd October now. Hurry Up!


Join for a free online Spiritual course with His Grace Amogh Lila Prabhu.

👉 Register Now by clicking on this link : https://revivingvalues.com/register?sp=01346

Starting from 2nd oct every Saturday 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm. (You can also attend sessions at your convenience even later after it is live (Sessions will be available only for registered participants).

👉 For query :-

Vansh Taneja : wa.me/+91-6392565629
Mayank Bhardwaj : wa.me/+91-7310699467
Abhishek Ratre : wa.me/+91-9425231136
Samartha Goswami : wa.me/+91-9354397570
Prerit : wa.me/+91-8700023039


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